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Aerial view of Wells. Photo by Jason Bryant


Wells has recently experienced a period of rapid housing development. Good planning ensures that the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefiting communities and the economy while preserving the heritage of Wells. 


The Planning Group, considers new planning applications varying from minor alterations to existing buildings, major new developments, and proposals affecting our green spaces, and provides comments and recommendations to the planning committees of the City and County Councils.

Aerial view of Morrisons in Wells

The city of Wells has experienced a period of rapid development with 1,082 additional dwellings built in the last decade and a further 263 dwellings expected by 2029.

Aerial view of Wells by Jason Bryant

How is growth being managed in historic towns and cities, and can growth and heritage be better balanced? A new study aims to find out.

St Thomas' Street in Wells, photo by Phil Broek

The Wells Neighbourhood plan is a planning strategy written by and for the community. Read the Plan here.

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