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St Thomas' Street, Wells. Photo by Phil Broek

Wells Neighbourhood Plan

The Wells Neighbourhood Plan is a strategy document for the local area. Initiated by Wells Civic Society and developed by the City Council, it sets out policies and projects relating to Wells within the context of the policies covering the whole of Mendip. The Plan covers

• Heritage and the Built Environment

• Housing

• Moving Around

• Retail and Commercial Buildings

• Tourism 

• Environment

The Plan's guiding principle is that Wells should continue to be an attractive place to live, work and visit, sufficiently compact to retain its distinctive identity while accommodating the growth necessary to ensure its economic viability.


It was developed by the City Council, and consultations were carried out in 2014, 2022, and 2023. Following a referendum, it was formally made part of the development plan for the area in February 2024. It now carries statutory “weight” in the planning system. This means it must be taken into account by the Unitary Council as Local Planning Authority alongside national planning policies, the “strategic planning policies” contained in the Local Plan and “material considerations” when considering planning applications. 

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