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Aerial view of Morrisons in Wells

Development In Wells

Wells is identified as a principal settlement in Policy CP1 of the Local Plan Part I, with a minimum requirement of 1,300 homes to be delivered over the plan period. 


1,287 dwellings (89%) of this requirement have been delivered to date (2006-2023), well above the annual target set in Core Policy 2 and the highest level of delivery in the five main towns. The housing trajectory estimates 263 dwellings could be delivered by 2029. 


Development has been focused on sites to the west of the town along Wookey Hole Road and Glastonbury Road


Twelve sites were assessed (in 10 separate locations) in the call-for-sites exercise. Two sites were screened out of the assessment, and one site (the Police Station) was identified as suitable for development.


Development Constraints 

The town falls within the water catchment area of the Somerset Levels and Moors RAMSAR site. Housing schemes are required to provide phosphate mitigation.


In making allocations west of the City, the Local Plan Part I acknowledges concerns around the coalescence of development between Wells and Haybridge. Six of the 12 sites assessed fall in this location. It is agreed that there should be a clear, plan-led settlement edge. Additional allocations are not considered necessary and would conflict with the adopted strategy for the town. 

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