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  • Chris Winter

Wells In Mosaic

Updated: Jun 26

Wells in Mosaic is a local project to install a beautiful piece of professional artwork in a prominent location in Wells. It will be a six-metre diameter mosaic circle in the form of a walkable map of the historic city centre, along with many artistic and informative features, which will be a legacy for all to enjoy for centuries. 

The mosaic will be of national significance so sponsorship and donations are very much appreciated.

Following a period of research and investment in materials and software, Mosaic artist Ruth Ames White laid the first tile in 2015, the start of her dedicated journey to completing the artwork. She starts at one edge and meticulously works her way across the full circle, slicing it off first into one long strip and then into individual sections which are carefully numbered and catalogued before being safely stored in bespoke boxes, until such time as they are installed in the final location in the City, reassembled like a giant but very complex jigsaw puzzle.

Images and a video of the work in progress can be seen at

A documentary link about the Wells in Mosaic can be found here:

Ruth Ames White at work on the mosaic in her studio in Wells
Ruth Ames White at work on the mosaic in her studio in Wells


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