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Browne's Garden Centre

Updated: Jun 3

Browne’s garden business was founded in Wells on a site off New Street in 1808, seven years before the Battle of waterloo, and in 1974 the business moved to the present Browne’s Garden Centre at Keward.

Napoleon Bonaparte ruled Europe and his demise at the Battle of Waterloo was seven years in the future when Browne’s garden business was founded in Wells. The date was 1808 when Emmanuel Browne opened a nursery on a large site off New Street. Later the family opened the Priory Nursery in Tucker Street, where Higos now have an office, and The Flower Basket shop at 20 High Street. Then in 1974 Lionel Browne moved the business to the present Browne’s Garden Centre on the Glastonbury road at Keward.

“We are thrilled to receive this award,” said the current owner Jonathan Browne, “and hopefully one of our three sons will take over the business from me in due course. We offer a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere and are always happy to give expert advice.

”The plaque was presented by Philip Welch, the Civic Society’s vice-chair, who said: “Surely Browne’s must be Wells’ oldest family business. It is a remarkable record. “We are also delighted to give this plaque because independent businesses maintain the character of a place and are much more likely to support the community than national chain cafes and shops.”

Location of Browne's Garden Centre on the Glastonbury Road
Browne's Garden Centre is outside of Wells on the Glastonbury Road


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