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The Civic Society supports many projects in the City; some on an annual basis – for instance Wells in Bloom and Heritage Open Days. We also respond to requests for support if the project is in line with the Society’s aims and objectives and benefits the City.

Civic Society supports the Garden Gangs

This spring has certainly seen the fruits of the labours of the teams of volunteers who have been working hard on some very special gardens in the City.

The Chair of Well Civic Society, Chris Winter, became aware of plans to develop the gardens at The Lawrence Centre and at the Wells Museum. “The period that we were only allowed to meet outside because of covid restrictions” she said “was an opportunity grasped by many to garden. But volunteers did not just do a bit of weeding; in both gardens teams have worked together to make huge improvements, in access as well as in the look of the gardens, to ensure that more people have beautiful green spaces to enjoy.

“The Civic Society may not have been able to meet as usual during the pandemic but we were still very active in supporting a number of ongoing projects, and I am delighted that we have been able to make donations to these projects.”

The Lawrence Centre offers day opportunities for older people including those living with memory loss and health issues 5 days a week, it’s an opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, make new friends and have fun.

Maggie Charlesworth, Manager of The Lawrence Centre, said: “We are hugely grateful to the Civic Society for their help and support in providing the funds for sleepers edging the flower bed in our car park which is so helpful in keeping cars at bay and containing our beautiful flowers and shrubs. We were able to buy many of these with a grant from Dobbies Garden Centre in Shepton Mallet.”

Museum Trustee, Clare Blackmore, said: “The garden at the Museum has been underused, but with grant funding and the generous donation from the Civic Society, together with the tremendous efforts of gardening team, we can now offer both indoor and outdoor space for events and meetings. The gardens look glorious - with clever planting and seating spaces too.”

TLC garden.jpg

“A car park isn’t just tarmac” said Maggie Charlesworth in the Lawrence Centre garden

Garden Gang.jpg

 Members of the volunteer gardening team at the Wells Museum garden take a break: (left - right) Norman, Marianne, Mary, Annie and Marcilla.

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Wells In Bloom:

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