Kings Head

Many will be aware of the parlous state of the King’s Head. I have contacted Cllr Nigel Taylor who is the portfolio holder for Planning Enforcement and also Jayne Boldy, Mendip Conservation Officer about this and also the state of Barclays Bank frontage. I set out below extracts from relevant emails to Jayne Boldy and then her reply:

To my mind and from my experience, as the condition of the pub “adversely affects the amenity of the area”, this should be a prime candidate for an effective notice under section 215 of the 1990 Planning Act requiring the carrying out of remedial work.

While I am on this tack, I must mention the condition of Barclays Bank frontage in Bishop Bekynton’s “nova opera” in the Market Place. There is a pilaster completely missing at the eastern end of the frontage. The others are suffering from rot but I suspect that the eastern end one was probably removed recently. I do not know the name of the freeholder but , no doubt, if you wrote to the Bank threatening action they would soon inform the freeholder.

Thank you for your efforts. The King’s Head is on our radar and our Enforcement team should be able to carry out a Land Registry search to progress enquiries. Depending on our findings on a site visit, a Section 215 may be the most appropriate but, as the building is currently unoccupied, we could serve an Urgent Works Notice, although ideally we could avoid both if the owner is amenable to working with us. Thanks also for the note about Barclays Bank – we’ll add this to the list.

I hope for more action than on the planks at Kendrick Court!

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