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Planning applications


Members of the WSC committee with planning experience meet regularly to consider planning applications which affect the City. These vary from small alterations to existing buildings to major new developments, as well as those affecting trees and the natural environment.

Comments and recommendations, when appropriate, are sent to the planning committees of the City and District Councils.

We are also working nationally for a better understanding of "Balancing Heritage and Housing Growth"

Planning applications can be seen on the Somerset Council website: View and comment on a planning application



Wells Neighbourhood Plan in a nutshell.


A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning strategy produced for local areas.  It is a Plan written by the community and for the community.


Mendip District Council made a Local Plan for the whole of Mendip and this is to be subsumed by Somerset Council which replaced Mendip in April 2023.


Wells Neighbourhood Plan (“WNP”) sets out policies and projects that relate to Wells within the context of the policies set out in the Local Plan which covers the whole of Mendip.


The full version of the WNP and its associate documents  can be viewed on the Wells City Council website (


WNP was originally consulted upon in 2014 and was broadly supported by the community.  This original Plan was not proceeded with but a revised Plan was originated in 2019.  It went out to consultation in 2022 and a second consultation by Somerset in 2023. 


The Plan is now being reviewed by an Independent Examiner to ensure that it is aligned with national and district planning policies.  A report will be produced for consideration by Wells City Council in September 2023.


After any changes are made, the Plan will proceed to a referendum when the people of Wells will be asked to vote on whether or not the Plan should become a formal planning document.


The Chair of the WNP Steering Group is Adrian I’Anson.  Any queries should be made to him at or 01749 689231.

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