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Committee records

The 2018 Committee comprises

Chair:                                 Chris Winter
Vice Chair:                         Philip Welch

Hon. Treasurer:                 Ian Robinson 
Hon. Secretary:                 John Rackham
Membership Secretary:     Clare Blackmore

Member:                           Adrian I’Anson
Member:                           Graham Barrow
Member:                           Patrick Brown
Member:                           Rosemary Evans
Member:                           Andrew Fawcett

Member;                           Doug Robinson

Member:                           Hilary Waters

Committee minutes



Annual Reports


Committee meetings

Committee members meet on Tuesday afternoons prior to the Wednesday evening events at 2pm.

Contact – Hon Secretary: John Rackham (contact Chair)

AGM 2019

The Society’s AGM was held on Wednesday (9th January) evening at 19:30 in Wells Museum, for which there was a great turnout of members.


The Chair, Chris Winter, outlined the main features of the annual report, highlighting the summer event held for the first time in the outstanding and award winning Cedar Hall. Brief details were also given of the numerous events with which the society has been involved over the past year including Art 360, the Heritage Open Day, Wells Tourism Forum, Mendip Conservation Advisory Panel, Civic Voice and the Alliance of Cathedral Cities & Towns and donations to Wells in Bloom, the renovation of the Swan at Wells Museum, Visit by Coach and Wells in Mosaic.. Other committee members gave their reports on their different projects, details of which are given in the 2018 annual report that can be downloaded from this link.


The present full committee of the society was re-elected.

Following completion of the AGM business, there was a very interesting

and well received talk on the historical features, and renovation by volunteers

of the Old Deanery Gardens, given by Sarah Hare and Marianne Adams.

Sarah Hare and the Chair, Chris Winter, after the AGM presentation